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87th ADEA Annual Session & Exhibition
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Student Learning and Competency in a Clinical Environment Without Discipline-Driven Requirements -- SoTLfest
CE credits: 3.00
Track : Faculty Development Workshop
Program Code: 079R
Date: Tuesday, March 2, 2010
Time: 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM  EST
Location: Chesapeake 2
Vicky Evangelidis-Sakellson, DDS, MPH, Dr.
Vicky Evangelidis-Sakellson, DDS, MPH, Dr.
The Comprehensive Care Program at Columbia University College of Dentistry works on the basic principle that the dental clinic should be committed to serving the patient's oral health care needs rather than learning material for dental students. In this environment, discipline-driven requirements were eliminated from the studentsí fourth-year experience, which currently represents a large component of the overall clinical experience. Instead, other methods of evaluation were used to assess student competency, including student clinic attendance, completion of care, outcomes of care, student portfolios, and a series of seminars including literature review and case presentations that complement student clinical learning.

  • Learn how completion of care and patient care outcomes instruments are used as assessment tools for student learning
  • Learn how portfolio reviews are used as an assessment instrument
  • Learn how skills assessments are used in combination with above to assess student learning and competency
  • Share experience of presenters with using current instruments and how these have developed over time

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