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Laugh & Learn: A Discussion about Mental Health in the Latino Community

In the Fall of 2006, DBSA hosted a unique educational event targeted at breaking down the barriers of culturally-based stigma and increasing awareness of the impact and prevalence of mood disorders within the Latino community. And, to provide basic information about the signs and symptoms of mood disorders, what to do if an individual or friend/family member has a mood disorder, and where to get help for yourself or a loved one.

The multi-faceted event, titled Laugh & Learn, featured a performance by Chicago comedian Alex Ortiz followed by a panel discussion featuring the perspectives of a community advocate, medical professional and depression survivor as well as DBSA's President and depression survivor, Sue Bergeson. After the panel discussion, the audience participated in a Q&A session and music-filled information fair.

We hope you enjoy the online presentation of this fun and informative event. DBSA would like to thank to AstraZeneca for their generous sponsorship of this free community event and online presentation.

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