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HPEF - Ascendio 2012
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Potter and Mythology
Track : Sessions
Program Code: 280
Date: Friday, July 13, 2012
Time: 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM  EST
Location: Venetian IV
Academic Panel: Potter and Mythology (80 minutes) -Valerie Frankel, Phyllis Morris and Sammi Vanderstok- This panel examines the many threads of myths and legends woven through the novels. In her paper "The Real Deathly Hallows and Harry Potter's Origins", Valerie Frankel considers Rowling's adaptation of Welsh Myth, including the spear that couldn't be defeated, the sword of total destruction, Cauldron of Dagda and Stone of Fal. Phyllis Morris's paper, "Elements of the Arthurian Tradition in Harry Potter", examines the parallels between Arthur and Harry: both were taken from their parents and hidden for their own safety; both had wise, aged mentors; both were on a quest to fulfill their destiny and both became immortal. Sammi Vanderstok's paper, "Lessons Learned: Rowling's use of Mythology in the World of Harry Potter", argues that Rowling purposefully discards history in her fictitious world in order to emphasize the point that society will only prevail if they take to heart the legends that have shaped their society.

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