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HPEF - Ascendio 2012
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How Fandom Has Shaped Social Media Spaces (and vice versa)
Track : Sessions
Program Code: 390
Date: Friday, July 13, 2012
Time: 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM  EST
Location: Venetian IV
How Fandom Has Shaped Social Media Spaces (and vice versa) - Femme, Aja, Heidi, Emma Grant, Cat - LiveJournal is a primary example of a social media space that once embraced fandomers, creating an ideal space for content creation, sharing and relationship building, that has since neglected its fandom base, especially its adult/slash fan community, and seen it fleeing in droves. But when existing services won't try to understand and work with fandom, fandom moves on -- from the creation of AO3 and Dreamwidth to how fandomers are embracing new platforms such as Tumblr, this panel will examine how Harry Potter fandom has used and shaped social media spaces over the last decade+. Topics of discussion will include LJ's Deletegate 2007, Delicious' 2011 meltdown, OTW and how recent legislation attempts such as SOPA have affected fandom.

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