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HPEF - Ascendio 2012
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Twin Core: An Exploration of Twins in the Wizarding World
Track : Sessions
Program Code: 840
Date: Saturday, July 14, 2012
Time: 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM  EST
Location: Verona
Twin Core: An Exploration of Twins in the Wizarding World, (50 minutes) - Carol Eshleman - he Harry Potter series is full of twins. Twin wand cores, twin vanishing cabinets, Parvati and Padma, and of course, Fred and George. There are also instances of characters that should be twins. Where is Romulus to Lupin's Remus? What are twin's significance in the series, how do they relate to JK Rowling's message of wholeness vs. separation, and why was Fred fated to die? We'll find out! I will discuss how Voldemort's creation of horcruxes is an intentional twinning of his self, and thus a mutation of nature. This paper will show that the motif of twins is not just an interesting addition to the Potter novels but rather a tie-in to the story's core of insisting on duality when the truth is in wholeness.

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