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Dear Friends:

Thank you for accessing the recordings of the ISSTD 27th Annual International Conference, which was held in Atlanta, Georgia in October of 2010.

ISSTD 27th Annual International Meeting – Complete Conference Proceedings - a $650 value only $200 for non-members!
In addition to our usual roster of high quality presentations from leaders of the field; our Pre-Conference Workshop topic were specifically formed and the presenters hand-plucked by the Conference Committee and individually invited to teach these comprehensive workshops.

In 2010 ISSTD adopted a set of Core Areas of Competency for clinicians and researchers who deal with complex trauma and dissociation. Each of this year’s Pre-conference Workshops was carefully designed to provide expert instruction about one of those Core Areas of Competency.

ISSTD places a unique importance on the study of dissociation as part of symptoms associated with Complex Trauma symptoms and disorders. We believe that an understanding of dissociation and its multi-faceted presentation and mechanism is essential for the adequate treatment of trauma.

In this collection of recordings we have compiled the original recordings of FIVE days of educational sessions. We hope that you will find that they enhance your understanding of trauma and dissociation as well as provide you with added clinical tools for working with this population.

A special feature included a panel presentation by Sapphire, author of the book Push.

If you attended the conference with full registration, you have complete access to ALL the recordings that were made during the conference. You can access these sessions simply by logging in with your unique username and password. You will also have access to each of the written abstracts from all the sessions--recorded and not recorded (some sessions were not recorded to protect client privacy).

Even if you were unable to attend the conference in person, you can still benefit from the multitude of teachings presented. You can listen to the sessions right from your computer, or you can download them and listen from your mobile device, as well:

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ISSTD Non-Member, Non-Attendee – Purchase the entire set of recordings for $200

Access will remain available for as long as the recordings remain in the Live Learning Center

We hope that you will find these recordings to be useful. We welcome feedback from you. Please send your comments about the program to

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Due to Technical Difficulties, Paper Sessions 1, 2, 3 and 4 were not recorded.