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2011 Nursing Management Congress
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The Effect of Faradarmani on General Health
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Introduction: Faradarmani, a branch of alternative medicine, is of mystic origin. The word Faradarmani, which literally means epitherapy in Persian, is derived from the holistic view of treatment in this branch. Faradarmani sees human as extensive as the whole universe, and not merely a pack of bones and meat. Therefore, human is composed of body, soul, mind and thousands of unknown parts. Faradarmani scans human as a whole and connects it to the Universal Common Sense Network so it can treat all ailments as required. This study aims to compare the general health of people who enjoyed Faradarmani with those who did not. Materials and methods: This comparative study was conducted on two groups of 25 people each. The case group had attended Faradarmani classes for more than a year, but the control group had not. General health questionnaire of Goldberg, GHQ28, was used to assess general health of the participants. Results: The results were analyzed using t-test, which showed people who had attended Faradarmani were significantly healthier than those who had not. Also, anxiety, social function disorder and depression were much lower in the case group than those in the control. Conclusion: The findings of this study show that Faradarmani can significantly improve general health of the people in all scales, and can be used as an alternative medicine. Keywords: Faradarmani, General health, Alternative medicine
Learner Outcomes:
  • Enhance nurses general health with Faradarmani
  • Enhance quality patient care with the use of Faradarmani
  • Become familiarized with Faradarmani as an Iranian complementary and alternative medicine

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