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NAFSA 2009 Annual Conference & Expo
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General Professional Interest Track
Track : Conference Set
Program Code: CON02
GS012: Policymaking for International Education: The View from Washington
GS014: Shifting Trends in Global Student Mobility: Who is Going Where?
GS026: The Economic Impact of International Students from a Cross-National Perspective
GS027: Take Hollywood Home: Creative Uses of Film in International Education
GS030: Branding Complexities: A Canadian Model of Shared Ownership
GS039: Seminar: Using Films in Cross-Cultural Learning
GS044: Ethics Roundtable
GS047: An Update on Higher Education in the Asia-Pacific Region
GS050: Creating Leadership for Social Justice Through International Education
GS077: Voices of America: International Exchange in Context
GS078: Creating Agents of Change: Training Programs for Mexican Educators
GS080: Internationalizing the K-12 curriculum
GS086: Education and the Butterfly Effect
GS093: Impact of the Growth of International Students Coming to China
GS094: The Future Landscape of Higher Education
GS095: New Approaches to Cooperation with Asia and Australia
GS106: Global Perspectives on Global Citizenship Education
GS108: Students Abroad in Film: Stereotypes or Accurate Images?
GS110: One Bachelor Degree for Europe?
GS111: Research Informing Practice: Increasing its Impact
GS121: Interflows of Chinese and English Teachers Between Taiwan and the United States
GS124: Diversification of Higher Education Worldwide: Would Typologies Help?
GS125: Unprecedented Growth of Pesantrens (Islamic Schools) in Indonesia
GS126: Engagement and Services for the Social Networked Student
GS133: International Student Mobility Policy Trends in China, Japan, and Malaysia
GS137: Pursuing a Professional Degree in International Affairs
GS148: Promoting International Education Through Partnership with the United Nations
GS157: German Response to 9/11: Intercultural Dialogue with the Middle East
GS169: Globalizing Bangladesh Through Effective Recruitment and Collaborations
GS174: Educational Aspirations of Migrant Students: A U.S.-Mexico Challenge
GS176: Writing an Effective Proposal
GS179: Erasing Stereotypes: Recognizing the Diversity of Muslim International Students
GS182: Graduate Study Abroad and Science and Technology Development
GS191: Region IV Highlight: Beyond Rainbow Flags: Advising Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, or Transgender Students
GS196: Region VI Highlight: The Young and the Restless: Finding Our Place in Education Abroad
GS198: Region XI Highlight: Work Environment and Stress Management
GS201: Region V Highlight: What's Up with the Korean Language and Culture?
GS203: Advancing Your Career: Prepare to Stand Out in International Education
GS206: Sustainable Public-Private Partnership in Financing Graduate Education
GS208: The Financial Crisis and its Impact on International Education
GS211: The Education Reform in Kuwait: Better Integration into the Global Education Community

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