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NAFSA 2009 Annual Conference & Expo
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International Education Leadership Track
Track : Conference Set
Program Code: CON03
GP001: Universities Fighting World Hunger---A HUman Sustainability Model---Public/Private Sector Academic Partnership with the UN World Food Programme
GS007: Venturing into Innovative Partnerships: The Oregon State University Experience
GS008: NAFTA at 15: The Missing Link---International Education
GS016: University Presidents' Perspectives on Campus Internationalization
GS041: Fundraising for International Educators
GS055: Mapping Internationalization in North America: A Comparative View
GS057: Best Practices in Implementing Dual-Degree Programs
GS066: Looking in the Mirror: Program Reviews and Self-Studies in International Education
GS069: Joint and Double Degrees: Pooling Resources Transatlantic and Worldwide
GS085: The Next Decade of European Doctoral Study
GS092: International Strategies: Learning from Our Mistakes?
GS099: Internationalizing the Campus: Five Award-Winning Perspectives
GS103: U.S. Community Colleges: Apply and Secure Federal Funding and Grants
GS119: Crafting Strategic Partnerships
GS134: The Bologna Process Beyond 2010: What's Next for European Higher Education?
GS140: Funding Internationalization: Understanding Direct and Indirect Support
GS143: Northern Partnerships: Connecting with Canadian Institutions
GS144: Spanish University Reform
GS149: Administrative Staff Exchange Programs as an Internationalization Strategy
GS167: The Internationalization Review Process: Japan and Global Trends
GS168: Strategies for Comprehensive Campus Internationalization: Best Practices
GS187: Build Great Study Tours for Faculty
GS192: Region VII Highlight: Will a Global Economy Require Additional Global Skills of Our Community College Campus Leadership?
GS194: Region XII Highlight: The Power of Stories and Affect in Promoting International Education
GS199: Region X Highlight: Time Machine: Looking into the Future of International Education

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