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NAFSA 2009 Annual Conference & Expo
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Recruitment, Admissions, & Preparation Track
Track : Conference Set
Program Code: CON05
GP009: Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic, a New English Proficiency Assessment
GS011: Effective Recruitment Strategies in Latin America
GS013: The Tsunami of South Asian Students Heading Toward U.S. Universities
GS015: Issues in International Enrollment Management Strategy
GS025: Precision Marketing in International Student Recruitment
GS029: Internationalization and Equity: Recruiting Outstanding Low-Income International Students
GS031: Your Campus Needs More Latin American Students
GS043: Using and Adapting Placement Recommendations
GS045: The Future of Student Recruitment: Research-Based Strategies
GS046: English Proficiency Standards: A Forum by and for Admissions Officers
GS052: Coping with International Competition Overseas
GS058: Cost-Effective Admissions: Making Online Recruitment Work
GS074: The Opportunities and Challenges of Using Agents
GS076: Meeting Turkish Students'' Evolving Needs via New and Shared Opportunities
GS087: Working with Sponsoring Program Agencies: Sponsored Students and Beyond
GS088: Admission and Retention of International Students at U.S. Community Colleges
GS089: Best Practices for Study Consortia: Effectively Using Government and Partners
GS102: Evaluating New Types of Transnational Models: Is This Institution Recognized?
GS107: Changes in the Caribbean Education Landscape: New Strategies of Cooperation
GS109: From Kung Pao to Gao Kao: Understand, Recruit, and Receive Chinese Students
GS123: EducationUSA: Regional Updates from the U.S. Global Advising Network
GS128: Vietnam: A Growing Interest in International Education
GS138: Attract Fulbright Grantees from Outside Major Cities in Colombia and Mexico
GS141: The Appropriate Use of SAT Exams in International Admissions
GS158: Credentials Evaluation: RAP Admissions and Overseas Advisers Liaison Group
GS163: New Educational Trends in Sub-Sahara Africa
GS170: Recruitment Travel and Beyond: Supporting and Enrolling Middle Eastern Students
GS175: Customizing Communications Strategy Using Personalization, Video, and Web 2.0
GS183: RAP: Our Year Ahead
GS184: TOEFL iBT: Evaluating Score Requirements to Foster Global Engagement
GS185: Promoting U.S. Education in Korea: Fulbright and State/Regional Consortiums
GS193: Region VIII Highlight: Partnering Pays Off: The Biomedical Online Writing Program at the University of Pennsylvania
GS200: Region III Highlight: NAFSA Squares: The International Admissions Game

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