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NAFSA 2009 Annual Conference & Expo
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Track by Day - Wednesday, May 27, 2009
Track : Conference Set
Program Code: CON08
GS020: Hot Immigration Issues for Academic Healthcare Institutions
GS022: Storytelling: Helping Students Capture, Craft, and Share Abroad Experiences
GS023: The Changing Technology Landscape in Education Abroad
GS025: Precision Marketing in International Student Recruitment
GS026: The Economic Impact of International Students from a Cross-National Perspective
GS027: Take Hollywood Home: Creative Uses of Film in International Education
GS028: Toolbox for the Intercultural Practitioner
GS029: Internationalization and Equity: Recruiting Outstanding Low-Income International Students
GS030: Branding Complexities: A Canadian Model of Shared Ownership
GS031: Your Campus Needs More Latin American Students
GS032: Globalizing the Engineering Graduate: EU-Australian Universities' Research
GS034: Seminar: Internationalization of Higher Education Around the World: Continuing the Dialogue
GS035: Critical Services for Internationals: Countries Healing from Trauma
GS036: Cyber-Learning Courses to Enhance Study Abroad: Challenges and Opportunities
GS037: Critical Issues in Providing Academic Support for International Students
GS039: Seminar: Using Films in Cross-Cultural Learning
GS041: Fundraising for International Educators
GS042: Undergraduate Research in Study Abroad
GS043: Using and Adapting Placement Recommendations
GS044: Ethics Roundtable
GS045: The Future of Student Recruitment: Research-Based Strategies
GS046: English Proficiency Standards: A Forum by and for Admissions Officers
GS047: An Update on Higher Education in the Asia-Pacific Region
GS050: Creating Leadership for Social Justice Through International Education
GS051: What's ICE Got to Do With It?
GS052: Coping with International Competition Overseas
GS053: Community and Campus Programming Roundtable
GS054: Going High-Tech: How to Make the Leap in the Education Abroad Office
GS055: Mapping Internationalization in North America: A Comparative View
GS057: Best Practices in Implementing Dual-Degree Programs
GS058: Cost-Effective Admissions: Making Online Recruitment Work
GS061: Judicial Affairs Abroad: Developing Engaged and Responsible Global Citizens
GS067: Fostering Study Abroad Amidst Psychological Challenges
GS080: Internationalizing the K-12 curriculum
GS094: The Future Landscape of Higher Education
GS095: New Approaches to Cooperation with Asia and Australia
GS160: Best Practices for Education Abroad Student Insurance Policy and Practice
GS191: Region IV Highlight: Beyond Rainbow Flags: Advising Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, or Transgender Students
GS192: Region VII Highlight: Will a Global Economy Require Additional Global Skills of Our Community College Campus Leadership?
GS193: Region VIII Highlight: Partnering Pays Off: The Biomedical Online Writing Program at the University of Pennsylvania

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