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NAFSA 2009 Annual Conference & Expo
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Track by Day - Thursday, May 28, 2009
Track : Conference Set
Program Code: CON09
GP009: Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic, a New English Proficiency Assessment
GS033: Hot Topics in Education Abroad
GS056: Navigating Your Own Road to SEVIS Compliance
GS059: Navigating the U.S. Student Visa Adventure: Best Practices
GS065: Facilitating Global Citizenship Through Short-Term Study Abroad Programs
GS066: Looking in the Mirror: Program Reviews and Self-Studies in International Education
GS068: Scholarship Advising: Expanding and Improving Your School's Applicant Pool
GS069: Joint and Double Degrees: Pooling Resources Transatlantic and Worldwide
GS070: Seminar: E-Verify: The Wave of the Future?
GS071: When International Students Speak, Can You Really Hear What They Say?
GS072: Cross-Cultural Issues: South Asian Students Studying in the United States
GS074: The Opportunities and Challenges of Using Agents
GS075: Exchange Participants as Citizen Diplomats: Best Practices
GS076: Meeting Turkish Students' Evolving Needs via New and Shared Opportunities
GS077: Voices of America: International Exchange in Context
GS078: Creating Agents of Change: Training Programs for Mexican Educators
GS079: Seminar: Legitimizing Internationalization on Our Campuses Through Research
GS081: Civic Engagement Goes Global
GS082: Study Abroad's Catch 22: Managing Risk While Expanding Education Abroad
GS085: The Next Decade of European Doctoral Study
GS086: Education and the Butterfly Effect
GS087: Working with Sponsoring Program Agencies: Sponsored Students and Beyond
GS088: Admission and Retention of International Students at U.S. Community Colleges
GS089: Best Practices for Study Consortia: Effectively Using Government and Partners
GS091: To Sponsor or Not to Sponsor?
GS092: International Strategies: Learning from Our Mistakes?
GS093: Impact of the Growth of International Students Coming to China
GS096: Seminar: Growing Study Abroad Programs in a Time of Financial Constraints
GS097: Small Residential Colleges: Researching International Student Issues
GS099: Internationalizing the Campus: Five Award-Winning Perspectives
GS100: Study Abroad in a Transparent World
GS101: Seminar: Critical Thinking Rubrics
GS102: Evaluating New Types of Transnational Models: Is This Institution Recognized?
GS103: U.S. Community Colleges: Apply and Secure Federal Funding and Grants
GS104: Discovering the Power of Partnership with Community Organizations
GS106: Global Perspectives on Global Citizenship Education
GS107: Changes in the Caribbean Education Landscape: New Strategies of Cooperation
GS108: Students Abroad in Film: Stereotypes or Accurate Images?
GS109: From Kung Pao to Gao Kao: Understand, Recruit, and Receive Chinese Students
GS110: One Bachelor Degree for Europe?
GS111: Research Informing Practice: Increasing its Impact
GS113: Leadership Solutions: Including Students with Disabilities in Study Abroad
GS114: Coming and Going Through U.S. Ports of Entry
GS115: Developing International Experiences for Budding Scientists and Engineers
GS117: Opportunity Costs of Study Abroad: How to Advance Study Abroad Funding at Your Institution
GS118: Assessment Toolbox for International Educators
GS119: Crafting Strategic Partnerships
GS121: Interflows of Chinese and English Teachers Between Taiwan and the United States
GS123: EducationUSA: Regional Updates from the U.S. Global Advising Network
GS124: Diversification of Higher Education Worldwide: Would Typologies Help?
GS125: Unprecedented Growth of Pesantrens (Islamic Schools) in Indonesia
GS126: Engagement and Services for the Social Networked Student
GS127: Navigating the Four Levels of Prevailing Wage
GS128: Vietnam: A Growing Interest in International Education
GS143: Northern Partnerships: Connecting with Canadian Institutions
GS167: The Internationalization Review Process: Japan and Global Trends
GS181: Writing the World: How Education Abroad (EA) Professionals Represent the EA Experience
GS187: Build Great Study Tours for Faculty
GS194: Region XII Highlight: The Power of Stories and Affect in Promoting International Education
GS195: Region II Highlight: When Good Students Go Bad: U.S. Immigration Consequences of Criminal Behavior
GS196: Region VI Highlight: The Young and the Restless: Finding Our Place in Education Abroad
GS203: Advancing Your Career: Prepare to Stand Out in International Education
GS208: The Financial Crisis and its Impact on International Education
GS211: The Education Reform in Kuwait: Better Integration into the Global Education Community

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