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NAFSA 2009 Annual Conference & Expo
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Track by Day - Friday, May 29, 2009
Track : Conference Set
Program Code: CON10
GS112: Getting Off the Island: The Case of Study Abroad at Duquesne University and Pepperdine University
GS129: Going Almost Paperless in 2009: Three International Student and Scholar Offices Lead the Way
GS130: Indicators for Mapping Internationalization
GS131: Thinking Outside the Book: Accessing the World Through Words
GS133: International Student Mobility Policy Trends in China, Japan, and Malaysia
GS134: The Bologna Process Beyond 2010: What's Next for European Higher Education?
GS135: J-1 Developments and Q&A
GS137: Pursuing a Professional Degree in International Affairs
GS138: Attract Fulbright Grantees from Outside Major Cities in Colombia and Mexico
GS139: Experiential Education: Considerations for Third-Party Provider Relationships
GS140: Funding Internationalization: Understanding Direct and Indirect Support
GS141: The Appropriate Use of SAT Exams in International Admissions
GS144: Spanish University Reform
GS145: Preparing U.S. and International Exchange Students for Cultural Differences
GS147: Exploring Intercultural Competence in International Education
GS148: Promoting International Education Through Partnership with the United Nations
GS149: Administrative Staff Exchange Programs as an Internationalization Strategy
GS152: Global Learning: Balancing Host, Student, and Home Campus Expectations
GS155: Exploring Heritage Through Study Abroad
GS156: Destigmatizing the Use of Mental Health Services by International Students
GS157: German Response to 9/11: Intercultural Dialogue with the Middle East
GS158: Credentials Evaluation: RAP Admissions and Overseas Advisers Liaison Group
GS161: Study Abroad for Global Engagement: The Long-Term Impact of International Experiences
GS162: What Have I Forgotten? Often Overlooked Issues in Risk Management
GS163: New Educational Trends in Sub-Sahara Africa
GS164: Connecting the Dots of Curriculum Integration
GS165: Immigration Compliance 301: How to Prepare for Audits
GS166: Advising and Outreach for Underrepresented Students
GS168: Strategies for Comprehensive Campus Internationalization: Best Practices
GS169: Globalizing Bangladesh Through Effective Recruitment and Collaborations
GS170: Recruitment Travel and Beyond: Supporting and Enrolling Middle Eastern Students
GS172: Awareness, Engagement, Service: Socially Responsible Learning Abroad
GS174: Educational Aspirations of Migrant Students: A U.S.-Mexico Challenge
GS175: Customizing Communications Strategy Using Personalization, Video, and Web 2.0
GS176: Writing an Effective Proposal
GS177: The Contest: The Process of International Student and Scholar Advising
GS178: Why and How Science/Engineering Students Go Abroad: A Case Story for Success
GS179: Erasing Stereotypes: Recognizing the Diversity of Muslim International Students
GS180: Findings of the REAL ID/Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) Task Force
GS182: Graduate Study Abroad and Science and Technology Development
GS183: RAP: Our Year Ahead
GS184: TOEFL iBT: Evaluating Score Requirements to Foster Global Engagement
GS185: Promoting U.S. Education in Korea: Fulbright and State/Regional Consortiums
GS186: H-1B Update
GS189: Study Abroad: Reinventing Globalization for Social Change
GS197: Region I Highlight: Faculty Director Training---It's All About Collaboration
GS198: Region XI Highlight: Work Environment and Stress Management
GS199: Region X Highlight: Time Machine: Looking into the Future of International Education
GS200: Region III Highlight: NAFSA Squares: The International Admissions Game
GS201: Region V Highlight: What's Up with the Korean Language and Culture?
GS205: Study Abroad Internationalizes Public Health
GS206: Sustainable Public-Private Partnership in Financing Graduate Education
GS207: Friend or Foe: The European and American Ombudsman in Higher Education

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