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Missed a session or were unable to attend MPI’s 2006 World Education Conference in Dallas, Texas? Extend your 2006 WEC educational experience by ordering the Conference CD-ROMs today.

As a special service from MPI and Content Management Corporation, recordings are now available for purchase on CD-ROM (with audio synchronized to PowerPoints as released for inclusion). Listen once again to a motivating, informative address, or hear for the first time a compelling session you may have missed.

This specially designed conference featured motivational and educational sessions for everyone from industry newcomers to experienced executives in key business categories, including meetings management, return on investment, technology, business skills development and more.

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Content Management Corporation has focused on collecting and disseminating content from events and large organizations since its inception. Our management team has well over 40 person-years of direct association and event management experience. Our focus is to deliver content in a variety of formats (Web, CD-ROM, print, audio, and video) to achieve our clients’ goals most effectively. We do this through the expertise and economic efficiencies acquired by working with similar types of clients.

We do more than deliver well-produced content, however. We have helped clients achieve goals related to sponsorship acquisition for funding projects, advertising sales, sales of product, and member certificate programs. Incorporating these types of project/product financing allows us to maximize our clients’ budgets and optimize the products we produce.

Our production processes and business services will be tailored to your organization’s specific needs. We can be involved in a multitude of aspects surrounding your projects or simply the production phase. Everything we do for your organization will fit your requirements.

Economics are always in your favor when working with us,-primarily because of our economies of scale and efficiencies through technology. Our focus has been to refine the process of speaker/content management to coincide with all desired products, such as printed proceedings, CD-ROM, Web-based on-line education, and membership directories.

Our organization has four offices in North America staffed with experienced professionals to cover your events wherever they may be. Our offices are located in Toronto, Montreal, Los Angeles, and the Washington DC area.

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