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2004 NSA Annual Convention
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Slaughtering the Sacred Cows - SPECIAL APPEARENCE: Bill Stainton
Track : Individual Video Sessions
D. Irvin, CSP, CPAE
Larry Winget, CSP, CPAE
Larry Winget, CSP, CPAE Slaughtering the Sacred Cows — The “Pit-bull of Personal Development” takes on the so-called truths of professional speaking. Beware: Nothing is safe. No one will escape. Caustic. Irreverent. Controversial. Funny. On the edge and over the top. Larry delivers simple, direct views on the principles of success.
SPECIAL APPEARANCES: Bill Stainton Sanborn’s legacy: The theme that changed the world (Well...sort of). Learn the true impact of Mark Sanborn’s theme, E to the power of e, to the speaking industry.
Dale Irvin, CSP, CPAE Dale Irvin is the Professional Summarizer. He’ll tell you what you just heard...give or take a fact or two.

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