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2004 NSA Annual Convention
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Awards Luncheon - SPECIAL APPEARENCE: Dale Irvin, CSP, CSPA
Track : Individual Conference Audio Sessions
Russ Stolnack
Vinny Verelli
Awards Luncheon NSA leaders and friends recognize and honor some of our organizationís most deserving professionals.
SPECIAL APPEARANCES: Dale Irvin, CSP, CPAE Dale Irvin is the Professional Summarizer, bringing you the last 24 hours in the next 240 seconds. Your mileage may vary.
Vinny Verelli Often called the Tony Soprano of motivational speakers, Vinny gives you a unique assessment
of NSA after his first year of membership in the organization. Vinny tells it like it is.
Russ Stolnack The unbelievably funny Executive Imposter teaches you how not to judge a book by the
cover or a speaker by their introduction. (Added from Monday Morning General Session.)

No items are available for this session.