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2006 National Speakers Association Annual Convention
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Cavett Institute
Track : July 22, 2006
Program Code: 060A-E
Date: Saturday, July 22, 2006
Time: 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM  
Sam Horn, Los Osos, CA
Thom Winninger, CSP, CPAE, Edina, MN
The World is Flat
Thom Winninger, CSP, CPAE, Edina, MN
What are you doing in your speaking to
participate? Shelving, convergence, global
community conceptualization, insourcing
and single sourcing are all concepts that
will enhance your world of platform speaking
no matter which of the four phases of a speaking
career you are enjoying. At this session you will learn how
to: * Open up to new possibilities. * Get more business
from each client. * Gain clarity.

Sam Horn, Los Osos, CA - Do you speak,
write or consult on leadership, sales, communication,
wellness or another common topic?
Do you want to differentiate yourself from
others in your field? Learn how to create
attention-grabbing titles and taglines, trademark-
able techniques, water-cooler words and a one-of-akind
brand that will catapult your career and income. At this
session you will learn how to: * Create a singular identity
that helps you stand out from other topic experts. * Create
unique titles for your products and presentations so they
break out instead of blend in. * Develop a compelling ��Tell
��n Sell�� description of your work so people want it and get it.

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