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2006 National Speakers Association Annual Convention
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Generational Product Development: Create 15 Sellable Products from Your Book—Using Your IRA or 401(k) to Fund Product Development
Track : July 24, 2006
Program Code: 390
Date: Monday, July 24, 2006
Time: 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM  
Richard Parker, Melbourne, FL
Product sales help counteract shrinking speaking fees, but new products
take months or longer to build. Learn to quickly and easily
reinvent your book or audios into multiple generations
of products. Begin making bundled sales and convert
audiences into long-term repeat customers. Richard
draws on a 30-year financial career to share innovative
methods, using your IRA or 401k to finance product development,
and get paid quicker by factoring receivables
inside your 401k. By attending this session you will be able
to: *Increase your revenue, substantially, by developing
multiple products from a single book, audio or other product.
* License your intellectual property to create a strong
new stream of ongoing revenue for years in the future.
* Understand the IRS-allowed use
of your IRA or 401k to develop new
products and factor your receivables.

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