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2006 National Speakers Association Annual Convention
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Empire-Building by Niche Marketing
Track : July 24, 2006
Program Code: 480
Date: Monday, July 24, 2006
Time: 2:30 PM to 3:30 PM  
Gordon Burgett, Santa Maria, CA
In this session, you will cover a step-by-step process of finding and
developing a critical topic with a speaking core. With
more than 20 years in the speaking business and three
books on niche marketing, Gordon will explain how to
strategize, test, produce and expand one key idea to
one key market. He will show you how you can sell
extensively and exclusively for an imperial income as
well as use this core message for up to eight other
applications. By attending this session you will: * Start
thinking about everything from your materials, to the
image you are creating on and off the platform, to the
audiences you would like to be in front of. * Learn the
five qualities it takes to reinvent. * Master the fear of
challenge, the value in taking risks and how to start the
process of reinvention. * Experience
examples of famous people who�ve
reinvented with stellar results.

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