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2006 National Speakers Association Annual Convention
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Complete "Graduate School" set of extended learning sessions. (070 A-C to 120AB)
Track : Extended Learning Sessions
Program Code: ELS
070 A-C: Movin�� Up: Taking Presentation Skills to a Magical Level
080 A-C:Infinite Momentum: Transforming ��How?�� to ��Wow!�� In Your Business and Your Brand
090 A-C: Speaking of Articles��How to Create, Pitch and Use Magazine Articles to Enhance Your Credibility, Positioning and Profits
100AB:The Magic of Humor: How to Pull a Funny Out of Your Hat
110AB:Publicity Pays! How Publicity can Improve Your Name Recognition and Increase Your Revenues
120AB:InfoMarketing Magic: How to Build an Information Product Empire and an Automated System to Sell Them

CD Set
(Code: ELS)
$649 USD
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